Angel is the one that started it all. In October 2007, we had heard about a 1 year old Thoroughbred filly that was IN the slaughter pen, with just hours left to live. At her age, she had not yet even lived, and yet was about to die a horrifying death. Although we had limited experience with horses, saving this baby was all the motivation we needed. Thankfully we had the facilities, so, literally, within hours; this little filly was on her way, with Prince and Mirage (see pic) in tow. As with all beautiful babies, she just tugged on all of our heartstrings, quickly becoming our little Angel, and thus she was named.

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100% of the contributions to Baiting Hollow Farm Horse Rescue go directly to support the Sanctuary and all direct costs associated with the care of our horses and collateral programs and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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