12 Sep 2012

Sultan and Isis

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At the age of four, Sultan and Isis were a very special private rescue. This Egyptian Arabian brother and sister were acquired in October of 2008, needing much nourishment, grooming and overall care. The Egyptian Arabian breed is considered the champion of all horses and the epitome of equine beauty. Its bloodline arrived from the Valley of the Nile, descendant of the Arabian Desert, when Pharaohs ruled the Bedouins. Seeing the gait on these two beauties is something special to witness when they are not being fawned over by our family, staff and guests. Sultan is shown in the foreground in the below picture with Isis behind him. Additionally, Sultan is shown being groomed and Isis is shown, just checking things out and with Mike Baisley. They have been fully trained since their arrival with Sultan undergoing dressage tutelage. In the Summer of 2010, they both traveled to Massachusetts to participate in their first show with Isis proudly taking home a fourth place ribbon in her event!


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