12 Sep 2012

Jemma was rescued in December of 2007.

After a 3000-mile trek across the county in a major snowstorm, Jemma arrived, scared, quiet and exhausted. Her forelock had been cut off completely and her eyes told of her worries, but she would soon find out she was safe forever.

In the weeks to come after Jemma’s arrival, her papers arrived calling her “Smooth Teza Rose”, a 15-year-old Quarter Horse/ Arabian from Oregon. More surprises came after we found out she had given birth to a mule in her younger days.

After months of constant care and affection matched with the companionship of her new rescued friends (Jemma is our ambassador – she gets along with all of our other horses and is always the first to be paired with a newcomer), Jemma decided to love BHFV as much as everyone here loved her. She can always be recognized at BHFV by her freckled face and big round belly… she has been as spoiled here as they all are.


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