Laredo is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse with a big heart and a lot of energy and life left in him. He had found himself in the slaughter pen, like so many racehorses who have outlived their usefulness. One of the lucky ones, 10 yrs young, Laredo was brought to the attention of Christine at Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue. She raised the funds to save him and have him shipped to her at her Sagaponack farm. When he was being loaded onto the trailer that would take him to safety, he was so anxious to leave, that he bolted, injuring his shoulder horribly on the chute leading into the trailer. Christine was called, and was told to forget about saving him, that he was too injured. She said, “put him in the trailer”. She healed his wounds. That was in December of 2007. In the spring, we adopted Laredo and he has finished his healing at home here at BHFV. He is loved and adored and has the most playful personality of all of our horses. He can be seen, when horsing around with the others, kicking up his heels and even sometimes rearing up to the delight of his adoring fans.

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